Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Foreclosure Scam Offering Phony Home Loan Document Audit Services Lands Oregon Man 5 Months In Jail

In Jackson County, Oregon, the Mail Tribune reports:
  • A con man who posed as a "mortgage watchdog" was sentenced to five months in jail after being found guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court on multiple theft charges. Bart Arthur Blahosky's scam involved approaching people facing foreclosure. He told victims he would analyze their mortgage paperwork to find possible errors that could save them money when dealing with lenders.(1) He would then take the paperwork, which includes sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers and dates of birth, and not return. He always charged a steep fee for this service, Jackson County sheriff's Detective Sgt. Colin Fagan said.


  • Jurors spent only 10 minutes deliberating after hearing the evidence against Blahosky in a one-day trial Thursday. They found him guilty on all counts — first-degree theft, two counts of second-degree theft and one count of attempted theft, said Bridges.

For more, see 'Mortgage watchdog' gets five months in jail.

(1) Some refer to this as a Truth In Lending Act loan document audit. rescue