Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sandusky Common Pleas Court Joins Other Ohio Courts In Forming Mandatory Mediation Program In Foreclosure Actions

In Sandusky County, Ohio, WTOL-TV Channel 11 reports that the Sandusky County Common Pleas Court has joined numerous other counties throughout Ohio in setting up a mandatory mediation program in foreclosure actions.
  • [C]ommon Pleas Court Judge Roger Hafford has started a foreclosure mediation program. "We can't force someone to settle. All we can do is force them to come to the program," he says. Judge Hafford says the goal of the program is to make sure someone's house isn't sold on the courthouse steps. The mediator negotiates with the lender to re-package a loan so the borrower becomes current.


  • Judge Hafford says foreclosure mediation was set up by the Ohio Supreme Court and is now used in approximately half of the state's counties.

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Go here for the Ohio Supreme Court's 11-Step Foreclosure Mediation Program Model.