Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idaho Couple Gets Back Home Sold Out From Under Them In Foreclosure While Loan Modification Agreement In Effect; Trustee Agrees To Rescind Sale

In Boise, Idaho, The Idaho Statesman reports:
  • A West Boise family has gotten their home back after it was sold in March in a foreclosure sale, said their attorney, Richard Eppink of Idaho Legal Aid(1) in Boise. Zijad and Hata Rudan had formally entered and were complying with a federal loan modification trial period before the home was sold.

  • Eppink said Gorilla Capital of Oregon, the company that purchased their home, has relinquished all interest in the home. The trustee who conducted the sale has agreed to rescind the foreclosure sale. Zijad Rudan said he is happy about the agreement and feels that justice was done. The Rudans are waiting to see if their loan servicer MetLife will negotiate with them regarding the Making Home Affordable program and their mortgage.

Source: Boise family retains home sold in foreclosure.

(1) Idaho Legal Aid Services is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to providing representation for low income people throughout Idaho.