Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Attorneys Face 'Robo-Signing' Allegations In Civil Suit That May Affect As Many As 10,000 Maryland Homeowners

In Baltimore, Maryland, WBAL-TV Channel 11 reports:
  • A lawsuit accuses several Maryland attorneys of falsifying foreclosure documents. The suit was filed Wednesday on behalf of three Marylanders who have faced or could face foreclosure.


  • [The Lembachs] hired an attorney, who they said they found a common theme in their case and others: falsified documents. [...] A lawsuit filed on behalf of the Lembachs and two other Maryland homeowners accuses four Maryland attorneys of filing invalid foreclosure documents by not signing the paperwork themselves.

  • The lawsuit claims that the practice caused "hundreds if not thousands of inaccurate documents to be filed as part of foreclosure proceedings before Maryland state courts." "There was fraud all the way through this. I mean, every one of them falsified these documents by having other people sign for them. And the signatures never matched up," Gerald Lembach said.

  • The attorneys listed in the suit include Howard Bierman, George Geesing and Carrie Ward, and 11 News was not able to reach any of them for comment. The Lembachs’ attorney said as many as 10,000 people could be affected in the state of Maryland. The attorney predicts the case will grow to a class action lawsuit.

For the story, see Suit Filed Over 'Falsified' Foreclosure Documents (Attorneys Say Case Could Affect More Than 10,000 Marylanders).