Monday, November 15, 2010

Online Videos Expose Multi-Hatted 'Corporate Vice Presidents' As Clueless Robosigners Cranking Out Foreclosure Documents In Assembly Line Operation

In Central Florida, the St. Petersburg Times reports:
  • Over the past several years, Bryan Bly, Crystal Moore and Dhurata Doko have signed thousands of mortgage assignments as vice presidents of Citi Residential and other major lenders. Yet when asked in a recent deposition what a mortgage assignment is, Bly replied: “I’m really not sure.”

  • Moore, meanwhile, defined a promissory note as something “that says the interest rate and stuff like that on it.’’ And Doko, a native of Albania who speaks shaky English, expressed befuddlement at the whole idea of loaning someone money to buy a house. “We don’t do mortgages in my country,’’ she said.

  • Bly, Moore and Doko work for Nationwide Title Clearing, a Pinellas County company that found itself in an unwelcome spotlight this week when video depositions they gave in a foreclosure case popped up on YouTube and AOL. “We kind of suspected those would be some of the answers we’d get, but to hear it done in sworn testimony was disturbing,’’ says Christopher Forrest, the lawyer who questioned the three on Nov. 4 and uploaded the videos to the Internet. “This issue potentially affects so many, I thought people should be able to see for themselves what’s going on.’’


  • Pressed in his deposition to say how many banks he had represented as vice president, Bly demurred. When asked if it would be "in excess of 20,'' he said, "That would be accurate.''


  • All three employees described an assembly-line process in which they signed huge stacks of documents at a time and attached “routing’’ forms that showed who should get the paperwork next. Moore said some documents she signed were notarized by a notary public who was in another part of the room and couldn’t see her. State law requires the notary to be in the presence of the person signing.

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