Saturday, June 18, 2011

Judge Dodges Judgment Of Eviction; Coughs Up Cash, Moves Out Of Rented Home After Being Accused Of Stiffing Landlord In Foreclosure Out Of $3,600

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Connecticut Post reports:
  • Probate Judge Paul Ganim averted an eviction hearing Wednesday and voluntarily agreed to vacate the Black Rock home he was renting. "We always talked about getting out in June and we are out," Ganim commented.
  • Gayle Gleckler, who owns the single-family house [...] that Ganim and a female companion have been renting since October 2009, claimed Ganim owes her $3,600 in back rent. She filed suit against him in housing court here seeking his eviction.
  • Gleckler's lawyer, Robert Russo, said he has withdrawn the lawsuit since Ganim moved out. He said Ganim is continuing to pay rent while he keeps a storage unit on the front lawn. "This lady was paid, she was under foreclosure and needs to sell the property and I certainly sympathize with her financial plight," said Ganim.

Source: Probate Judge Ganim averts eviction by leaving home.