Friday, August 05, 2011

Michigan Homeowners Warned Against Florida Outfits Peddling Possible Foreclosure Scams Involving Loan Modification Pitches, Mass Joinder Lawsuits

In Ingham County, Michigan, The Michigan Messenger reports:
  • Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel, Jr. is alleging that two Florida companies may be engaged in scams involving Michigan residents facing foreclosure. Hertel, in an interview with Michigan Messenger, says he received complaints from residents about the two different companies over the last month. As a result he called both, and confirmed what residents were telling him they were experiencing.

  • The first company, Hope for Hamp, says on its website it is selling people software that will assist them in getting their mortgage refinanced. But Hertel says when he called the company, he had a very different experience.


  • The first company, Home for Hamp, started out talking about software but quickly changed the subject to modifications. [They said] that they worked with hundreds of banks across the country to get people modifications. Every time I asked about the software they said it was not important and that they were trying to save my home,” Hertel said.


  • The site is also coming under fire by the campaign team for President Barack Obama for using the campaign logo as well as an image of the White House, implying the programs are supported by the President. “The use is not authorized, and they will be asked to cease use immediately,” said a campaign spokesperson.

  • In the second example Hertel is warning residents about, the company is soliciting participants for litigation against the banks and foreclosure mills. The catch? They are asking for thousands of dollars up front for the homeowner to participate in a class action lawsuit. This company in question is the Mortgage Relief Center.

  • The second company offered to get me legal representation for case. They again wanted to know my story. I gave them a few pieces of information and they quickly believed I would be perfect for the mass joinder suit that was being filed,” Hertel says.

  • When I asked how much it would cost they said I would receive a call from a supervisor. When I asked how much on average he told me roughly $5000. I asked if I could talk to the attorney that would be handling my case and i was told not until I paid the $5,000. I asked if any of the attorneys referenced in their materials would be the one handling my case. They told me it would likely be an associate.”

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