Sunday, May 31, 2015

Long Island Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Pinched For Allegedly Filing $1.5M+ In Bogus Retaliation Liens Against Judges, Court-Appointed Referee As Payback For Ordering Sale of Home

In Central Islip, New York, the New York Law Journal reports:
  • Federal prosecutors say a Long Island man filed bogus liens against three Suffolk County judges as payback for adverse rulings in a foreclosure action against him (See Indictment).

    Jerry Campora Jr. was arraigned [] on eight mail fraud charges for allegedly filing false affidavits and liens in Georgia against three judges and a private attorney appointed by the court as a referee in Campora's case.

    Eastern District Judge Joanna Seybert, sitting in Central Islip, released Campora on $50,000 bond and ordered him not to file any other liens or affidavits in other jurisdictions without prior court approval. Campora pleaded not guilty. He was represented by Tracey Gaffey of the Federal Defenders.

    After Campora's house was ordered to be auctioned in a foreclosure action where he appeared pro se, Campora allegedly filed the liens, totaling more than $1.5 million, in October and November 2013. The targeted judges and attorney were not identified in the release. But Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Arthur Pitts in June 2014 granted the court system a preliminary injunction and restrained Campora from filing in New York or elsewhere any lien or security interest against Acting Supreme Court Justices Mark Cohen, Joseph Farneti, then-Justice Melvyn Tanenbaum and Louis England of England & England, or anyone affiliated with the state court system, without prior court permission.

    In November, Pitts rejected Campora's bid to vacate the injunction. If convicted in the federal case, Campora, 46, faces a maximum 30-year sentence.
Source: Man Charged With Filing Bogus Liens Against Judges.

For the U.S. Attorney (Central Islip, New York) press release, see Suffolk County Resident Indicted For Fraudulent Lien Scheme Perpetrated Against Suffolk County State Court Judges (Defendant Retaliated Against Court Personnel Following Adverse Decision in Suffolk County Foreclosure Action).