Saturday, August 26, 2017

Replacement For Aging Wastewater Infrastructure Not Worth The Cost For Mobile Home Park Landlord; Opts To Close Premises Instead, Leaving 50+ Lot-Leasing Homeowners & Renters Facing The Boot

In Plattsburgh, New York, WPTZ-TV Channel 5 reports:
  • "I've called this place home since 1978," said John Woodcock, standing in front of his trailer at Country Sky Mobile Home Park in Plattsburgh.

    "I loved it here ever since I've moved in ...It's peaceful, it's quiet and we get a breeze," he said.

    Woodcock's neighbors love it here, too.

    "We're like one big, happy family. I mean most of the trailer park, you can ask them, they call me Ma," said Carolyn Roman, sitting outside her trailer of 19 years.

    But this community, Roman's extended family, won't be living at Country Sky much longer. Last week a letter from property owner Scott Tetreault delivered the news nobody wanted.

    "I don't even know how to explain it. You get that lump in your throat and your voice starts shaking," said Roman, trying to describe what the letter said.

    "If you lived here 40 years, wouldn't you feel that way?" asked Woodcock.

    Everyone in the park is being evicted.

    "They're voluntarily closing," said John Kanoza with the Clinton County Health Department.

    Kanoza has been working with the property owner for months.

    He said the situation boils down to the park's wastewater infrastructure. "We had some options to work with (Tetreault) on different variances for replacement sewage treatment systems, smaller ones, but it was definitely found to be cost-prohibitive for the owner," Kanoza said.

    NBC5's calls to Tetreault's attorney went unanswered Wednesday.

    Several tenants told NBC5 News they had to be out by either November, if they're renting, or February, if they own their mobile homes.

    Woodcock is one of the lucky ones. "I feel luckier than most. At least I can move my trailer," he said. He's moving it into the city. But for others, it isn't so easy.

    "We have no way to get (downtown) and I have a wheelchair," Roman said.

    She's stuck waiting, wishing and hoping to find a new place to call home before she and the more than 50 other families are forced out of Country Sky Mobile Home Park.
Source: 50+ North Country families being evicted (Country Sky Mobile Home Park is shutting down).