Sunday, February 19, 2012

Irate Homebuyer Wants Cash From Seller's Bank After It Locked Her Out Of Her Newly-Purchased Home That Had Recently Fallen Into Foreclosure

In Powder Springs, Georgia, WSB-TV Channel 2 reports:
  • A woman says she no longer feels safe in her own home after the locks were changed a week after she purchased it. Dashi Goodloe purchased a home in Powder Springs on Feb. 2, but a little over a week later, she could not open her own front door.

  • I just bought the home and a week and a half later, I can’t access it. So, I was a little upset,” Goodloe said. Goodloe called the selling agent, who informed her that the seller had received paperwork from Citibank about a week earlier saying the property was in foreclosure. “The closing attorney told her, ‘Everything is OK. The bank is going to take care of it, so don’t worry about it.’ And then Monday, they changed the locks,” Goodloe said.

  • Channel 2 Action News reporter Eric Philips contacted the closing attorney, who said there must have been a miscommunication between the bank and the foreclosure attorney, so the foreclosure was never halted. While the problem is being resolved, Goodloe has been given the lockbox code to get into her home, but she said that does little for her peace of mind.

  • I have to pay bills. The lights are on. The heat is on. The water is on. The mortgage is due. So, I would like to be compensated for me not being able to feel comfortable enough to live in this home,” Goodloe said.

  • The closing attorney told Philips this is a fixable problem, but he said the bank did not tell him how long it would take to fix.

Source: Foreclosure on previous owner locks woman out of newly purchased home.