Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Rebuilding Together" Gives Free Home Repairs To Cash-Poor Seniors

A growing number of seniors are getting help from nonprofit organizations that provide basic home improvements, maintenance and repair, according to this article at (Los Angeles Times - no longer available online).

Rebuilding Together is a national nonprofit organization that makes free repairs to seniors' homes.

Rebuilding Together's 12 Southern California branches repaired more than 424 houses last year. Donated materials were installed by teams of about 30 volunteers on each house.

The article describes the plight of several senior homeowners who, housing experts say, are like thousands of other older, low-income residents in Southern California who have significant equity in their homes, if not outright ownership, but have trouble maintaining them.

This sounds like a program that may help seniors avoid the home repair and mortgage scams (and other home equity theft scams) that may jeopardize their home equity because of a need to finance basic home repairs.

Click here for the full story (no longer available online).

Click here for the organization map to find a Rebuilding Together Affiliate in your area.