Sunday, December 16, 2007

Foreclosure Rescue: News On Video

Online Videos On Foreclosure Rescue

For those who hate reading and love watching TV, I've compiled the following list of links to television coverage of stories involving foreclosure rescue from around the country - most of which have appeared elsewhere on this blog, and with a few new ones thrown in.

Recently added videos (since 6-12-08):

  1. Gonzales Woman Arrested For Mortgage Fraud (Police: Woman Charged Homeowners Thousands) KSBW-TV Channel 8 - Monterey County, California (added 8-19-08);
  2. Former Stripper Ran Foreclosure Rescue Scam (story of one victim of alleged Metropolitan Money Store foreclosure rescue scam; WMAR-TV Channel 2 (Baltimore, Md) - posted on website, Daily Motion),
  3. Secret deal leaves family facing foreclosure - again; WOOD-TV Channel 8 (Grand Rapids, Michigan) (added 7-30-08).

Recently added videos (since 12-16-07):

  1. Are People Preying On Your Financial Misfortune? (KCBS-TV Channel 2 - Los Angeles),
  2. Homeowners Unknowingly Sign Away Property (NewsChannel 5, Nashville, Tennessee),
  3. Foreclosure Fears (The potential for scams is on the rise as homeowners become more desperate) (ABC-TV Good Morning America),
  4. CBS 11 Investigates Foreclosure Rescue Company (CBS 11 TV, Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas).

Videos as of 12-16-07:

  1. Freddie Mac Dramatizes An Equity Stripping Scam (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation - "Freddie Mac"),
  2. Predators Prey On Homeowners Facing Foreclosures (KCBS-TV Channel 2 - Los Angeles),
  3. Homeowners Targeted By Foreclosure Agents (KCBS-TV Channel 2 - Los Angeles),
  4. A Home Mortgage Mess (WABC-TV Channel 7, New York City),
  5. Homes stolen by 'Home Savers'? (Heartbroken people lose homes, equity to "Home Savers"), (WABC-TV Channel 7, New York City),
  6. Valley teacher, former business partners tied to federal mortgage probe (ABC 15, Phoenix),
  7. 87-Year Old Scammed In Foreclosure Rescue Refinance Scam (CBS2 - Chicago),
  8. Rescue or Ripoff? (Part 1; Open House with Gerri Willis; CNN),
  9. Rescue or Ripoff? (Part 2; Open House with Gerri Willis; CNN),
  10. Mortgage Rescue? Rip-Off! (MoneyTalksNews),
  11. Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams (KOMO-TV Channel 4 - Seattle),
  12. Beware of foreclosure rescue scams (a different video from #5, above) (KOMO-TV Channel 4, Seattle),
  13. Hazards Of Foreclosure Rescues (KIRO-TV Channel 7, Seattle),
  14. Foreclosure scams prey on homeowners (Reuters News Service),
  15. Texas Attorney General Deals with Foreclosure Rescue Scams (Channel 2, Texas),
  16. Vulnerable homeowners target of scams (NBC News),
  17. Homeowners sue mortgage company (NBC News),
  18. Home Lost In Foreclosure Scheme (Central Florida News 13 - Orlando),
  19. Man jailed for 'foreclosure rescue' theft (WOOD-TV Channel 8, Grand Rapids, MI),
  20. Company accused of exploiting the desperate - Part 1 (Fox Channel 13, Tampa, FL),
  21. Second company accused of mortgage scam - Part 2 (Fox Channel 13, Tampa, FL),
  22. ConsumerWatch: Foreclosure Scams (CBS Early Show),
  23. Mortgage Foreclosure Scams (NBC Today Show),
  24. Foreclosure Scams - Don't Get Taken (CBN Network),
  25. Foreclosure Scams Skyrocketing Across S. Fla. (CBS 4, Miami, FL),
  26. Mortgage Scams More Rampant Than Ever In Fla. (CBS 4, Miami, FL),
  27. Foreclosure Fraud: Predators Want Your Home (CBS 4, Miami),
  28. Church Members: We Were Scammed Out Of Our Homes (CBS 4, Miami),
  29. Homeowners facing foreclosure are targeted again (WKYC-TV Channel 3, Cleveland, OH),
  30. Foreclosure Rip-Offs (KHOU-TV Channel 11, Houston, TX),
  31. Feds Seize Alleged Shoddy Businessman's Belongings (WBAL-TV Channel 11 - Baltimore),
  32. Woman May Lose House After Answering TV Ad (WBAL-TV Channel 11, Baltimore, MD),
  33. Woman Claims To Be Swindled In Foreclosure Feud (WBAL-TV Channel 11, Baltimore, MD),
  34. Woman Gets Home Back After Fraud Investigation (WBAL-TV Channel 11, Baltimore),
  35. Victims Of A Foreclosure "Rescue" (CBS News Shows How A Growing Scam Is Exploiting Homeowners In Foreclosure) (CBS News),
  36. Woman Falls Victim To 'Mortgage' Program (Resident On Verge Of Losing Home) (WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston),
  37. Woman Falls Victim To 'Mortgage' Program (Resident On Verge Of Losing Home) (WCVB-TV Channel 5 - Boston, MA),
  38. Foreclosure Rescue Scheme Turns Homeowners Into Tenants (Land Trust Agreement That Offers Help Often Costs People Their Homes) (WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston),
  39. I-Team Investigation: From Homeowner to Homeless (KLAS-TV Channel 8, Las Vegas),
  40. Woman Scammed Out Of Home (FBI: Mortgage Fraud Cases Increase) (WRC-TV Channel 4, Washington, D.C.),
  41. Mortgage Rescue Services (Some mortgage rescue services are really con artists) (WRC-TV, NBC 4, Washington, D.C.).
  42. News19 On Your Side: Foreclosure Fraud Alert (WLTX-TV Channel 19, South Carolina),
  43. Consumer warning: Home foreclosure nightmares (WCNC-TV, North Carolina).