Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indiana Non-Profit Assists Low-Income, Elderly Homeowners Fight Foreclosure

In South Bend, Indiana, WSBT-TV Channel 22 reports:
  • There is free legal help available to low-income and elderly homeowners in Indiana who have defaulted on their mortgage and are facing a lawsuit. [...] "The ones we tend to take are the ones that are three months or more behind in their mortgage payment — where the lawsuit has been filed or a judgment has been entered — that's when we enter the process," said Joe Zielinski with Indiana Legal Services.(1)

  • Zielinski says there are three common defenses used to fight a foreclosure lawsuit:
    1. A company sues you for payment but they don't actually own your mortgage.
    2. The mortgage company stops accepting your payments after you miss one time.
    3. Improper fee charges.

Source: Free legal help available to homeowners facing foreclosure.

(1) Indiana Legal Services covers homeowners in St. Joseph, Elkhart, Lagrange, LaPorte, Marshall and Starke counties.