Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mortgage, Tax Foreclosure, Poor Living Conditions Force Residents From Milwaukee Rooming House For Homeless With Psychiatric, Substance Abuse Problems

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:
  • The City of Milwaukee has filed suit against Tri-Corp Housing Inc. for $11,691.24 in delinquent taxes on its troubled West Samaria rooming house [...]. By today the remaining 20 residents who have been living in the rooming house for the homeless with mental health or substance abuse problems are scheduled to be moved out of the facility, said Jeanne Lowry, director of the homeless outreach nursing center for the Red Cross.


  • The facility was closed after the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority filed foreclosure action against Tri-Corp last November when it stopped making mortgage payments. WHEDA, officials from Milwaukee County and others said it was in the best interest of the residents to close the facility because of poor living conditions and other problems, WHEDA officials said.

For the story, see City of Milwaukee sues rooming house over delinquent taxes (Tri-Corp. Housing’s West Samaria complex is emptying out).