Friday, October 10, 2008

Residents In Mobile Home Park In Foreclosure Get The Boot; Unfit For Human Habitation, Say Code Inspectors As Unpaid Bill Results In Water Shutoff

In Largo, Florida, WTVT FOX Channel 13 reports:
  • After a week without water, the city of Largo is shutting down a mobile home park and displacing eight families for health reasons. The red tags started going up first thing in the morning -- "unfit for human habitation" -- with a deadline of Thursday at noon for families to leave. Code inspectors blamed the landlord's unpaid water bill.


  • Court documents show the landlord's problems were more serious than an unpaid water bill. A $1.4-million foreclosure suit is pending in the Pinellas courts.

For the story, see City of Largo closes mobile home park. TenantRentSkimmingAlpha