Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Statewide Mediation Program In Foreclosure Actions Gets Off The Ground In Connecticut

The Connecticut Post reports:
  • Connecticut is leading the nation in an effort to keep struggling homeowners in their homes. As a result of the growing financial crisis, the General Assembly has launched a special foreclosure mediation program through the state Judicial Branch, [...], to help homeowners who have not been able to make their monthly mortgage payments.


  • The Legislature began the program with $2.5 million appropriated to the Labor Department from the state Banking Fund. The program is free to homeowners. [...] The program allows homeowners under foreclosure action to request mediation, a process that can lead to other options such as refinancing and restructuring of the debt, she said.

  • Under the program, 12 mediators have been appointed to the state's 14 judicial districts. In addition to the mediators, who earn between $60,000 and $85,000 a year, there are seven case flow coordinators who schedule cases and ensure they are kept on track. [...] Under the law, when a lender's lawyers serve a court summons to a homeowner for a foreclosure lawsuit, the lender must attach an application for the mediation program. Once an application is filed, the program has 10 days to schedule the first mediation hearing.

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