Thursday, July 23, 2009

Builder Pocketed Customer Deposits, Failed To Build Homes Or Provide Refunds While Stiffing Subs, Says Maryland AG In Civil Suit

From the Office of the Maryland Attorney General:
  • Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler announced [...] that the Home Builder Registration Unit of the Consumer Protection Division has filed charges against Altieri Enterprises, Inc. t/a Altieri Homes, Athlone, LLC of Columbia, Altieri Homes at Castle in the Woods, LLC, R & L Livezey, LLC, and Milltown, LLC of Columbia for failing to comply with Maryland’s Home Builder Registration Act, New Home Deposits Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Custom Home Protection Act.

  • The Home Builder Registration Unit suspended the registration of Athlone, LLC and charged each company and their principals, Greig Altieri, Daren Altieri, Frank Altieri, Todd Altieri, and Wendy Altieri with accepting payments from consumers in Howard and Harford counties and then failing to construct the homes, pay subcontractors, or refund payments made by consumers. The companies also failed to disclose to the Home Builder Registration Unit lawsuits filed by consumers and subcontractors concerning the companies’ building activities.

For the Maryland AG press release, see Attorney General Gansler Files Charges Against Altieri Homes and Associated Companies (Homebuilder Allegedly Accepted Deposits and Failed to Build Homes).