Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couple Lets Home Go To Foreclosure After Dispute With Condo Association Over Source Of Mold Problem

In Golden Valley, Minnesota, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:
  • On July 15, at the roll call of heartbreaks known as the Hennepin County sheriff's mortgage foreclosure sale, a deputy called out the names of Denise Martineau and Mark Bufkin. It was the couple's last chance to pay up before the lender took their condo in Golden Valley. Martineau and Bufkin weren't there to answer. Martineau said they gave up on saving their home in the Villa on Bassett Creek after fleeing an outbreak of mold that rendered their unit "uninhabitable." From May through September 2008, the couple wrangled with their homeowner's association over the origin of the mold and who should pay to clean it up.

For the rest of the story, see An unwelcome tenant (When mold moved in, a couple decided it was time to move out.).