Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video "Tutorial" Demonstrates Use Of Dubious Affidavits, Assignments, Notary Acknowledgements By Lender, Law Firm In Foreclosure Actions

In Central Florida, St. Petersburg foreclosure defense attorney Matthew Weidner writes in his blog on a five-part video that hit You Tube last week that provides a great tutorial for the average homeowner interested in learning how foreclosing lenders and the foreclosure mill law firms that represent them use fraudulent affidavits, assignments, and document notarizatons in the course of processing a typical foreclosure. He says:
  • A reader of my blog emailed me [five] short YouTube Videos that shows in black and white in papers filed in courts across the country how employees of law firms and lenders are creating false affidavits and assignments then submitting these in courts as part of the Bank's campaign to take borrower's homes even though they have not established the legal right to do so. I love his quote, which I have printed above and give him great credit for pulling together video and documents that demonstrate some of the notary\affidavit fraud that is rampant in foreclosure cases around the country.


  • What these clips demonstrate is how law firms file foreclosure cases on behalf of lenders but then don't bother to have the proper paperwork they need to file the case created until after the case if filed. I have previously posted information about a woman named “Erica A. Johnson-Seck”. According to a deposition transcript taken of Ms. Seck and posted on this blog elsewhere, one of Ms. Seck's primary job functions is to sign the Assignments of Mortgage that banks use to throw a borrower out of a home.(1) What these videos demonstrate is that there are a handful of people like Ms. Seck whose job it is to sit in offices across the country, signing documents allegedly on behalf of lenders and MERS, which documents then form the basis for the lender to throw the borrower out of the home.

For more, see Foreclosure Fraud - Video Examples of False Affidavits Filed in Courts Across The Country ("You Can’t Have An Omelet If The Chicken Hasn`t Laid The Egg Yet!").

For the links to the 5-part You Tube video Bank Foreclosure Fraud (made available online courtesy of DinSFLA's Channel - STOP Foreclosure Fraud, on You Tube), see:

(1) Go here for Erica Johnson Seck's deposition, go here for a Motion For Sanction Of Dismissal With Prejudice in connection with the same litigation, and go here for links to other posts on Erica Johnson-Seck (available online courtesy of 4closureFraud - Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge).

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