Friday, April 16, 2010

South Florida Lawyer Masquerading As Foreclosure Defense Attorney While Associated With Notorious Assembly Line Foreclosure Mill Law Firm?

In Palm Beach County, Florida, reports on a foreclosure action in which a homeowner facing foreclosure was allegedly duped into paying a $1,000 legal fee for the services of an attorney who claimed to be in private practice but, in actuality, is listed as being "Of Counsel" on the letterhead of a notorious South Florida assembly line foreclosure mill.

For the post, see Foreclosure Mill Attorney for Marshall Watson or Foreclosure Defense Attorney for Homeowners?

For the court filing on which the above is based, see Motion For Disqualification Of Counsel And For Disgorgement Of Attorney's Fees (filed by the law firm Ice Legal, P.A., West Palm Beach, Florida on behalf of the screwed over homeowner).