Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tenants Driven Out Of 112-Unit Complex Loaded With Code Violations; Foreclosing Lender Left Holding The Bag On Apartments Too Unsafe To Inhabit

In Beloit, Wisconsin, WISC-TV reports:
  • A Beloit apartment complex is going into foreclosure just months after dozens of tenants were evicted due to building code violations. Countryside Village Apartments on Beloit's East Side is now mostly abandoned. The city said only about 10 of its 112 units are occupied. City officials said that with no communication from the property owner, there was no choice but for the bank to foreclose. "We've never had to deal with anything like this before," said Tom Clippert, Beloit's director of housing services.


  • The majority of units at the apartment complex have been declared unsafe to inhabit. Residents were evicted due to unlivable conditions, including no heat, severe mold contamination and seepage problems, WISC-TV reported.

For the story, see Beloit Apartment Complex Going Into Foreclosure (Building Cited For Many Code Violations).

For a similar story in a 186-unit residential complex in foreclosure in Columbus, Ohio where, according to one resident, code enforcement officials received complaints about mold, exposed wiring, roaches and a lack of hot water, see The Columbus Dispatch: Renter has roaches aplenty, but no hot water (Living conditions deteriorate at complex after owner defaults).