Saturday, June 26, 2010

200+ Renters Given 72 Hours To Vacate 4-Story Buildings As City Officials Declare South Florida Apartment Complex With Rusted Staircases Unsafe

In Lauderhill, Florida, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports:
  • Sydney White and his family spent all day Wednesday loading their belongings into a moving truck, worrying about where his new home will be. His anxiety was triggered by a pink letter posted on his door Tuesday afternoon, telling him and other residents they had 72 hours to leave Brampton Court, a complex of four buildings in the 4500 block of Northwest 19th Street.

  • White is among an estimated 260 tenants who must leave their apartments by noon Friday after city officials deemed the complex's staircases unsafe. City officials said residents living on the complex's second, third and fourth floors must move because there would be no easy way to escape in an emergency. First-floor residents are allowed to stay because they don't need the stairs.


  • Some residents who haven't found new homes said they can't afford moving costs and expect anger, resentment and instability to rule their lives in the coming days..

For more, see Hundreds at Lauderhill apartment complex told to leave by Friday.

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