Sunday, June 20, 2010

NC AG Wins Temporary Shut Down Of Alleged Ripoff Operation Peddling Loan Modification, “Regulation Z Audit” Services

From the Office of the North Carolina Attorney General:
  • A Charlotte foreclosure rescue operation, which previously operated in Colfax, NC, is barred from collecting any money from consumers for foreclosure assistance or loan modifications, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Friday.


  • On Thursday, Wake County Superior Court Judge Cressie Thigpen agreed with Cooper’s request to temporarily bar Reginald Keith Turner, who did business as Hazelton Management and The Carley Group, from offering foreclosure and loan modification services. Cooper is seeking to shut down Turner’s foreclosure assistance business permanently and win consumer refunds and civil penalties.

  • As alleged in the complaint, Turner advertised that his company identified possible legal violations by the consumers’ mortgage lenders and used this to negotiate favorable loan modifications and “save homes from foreclosure.” However, Turner charged homeowners an up-front fee of as much as $2,500, told them not to contact their mortgage lenders, and then did little or nothing to help save their homes.

For the entire press release, see AG Cooper cracks down on foreclosure assistance outfit (Hazelton Management/The Carley Group took money but failed to provide promised help).