Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ohio AG Files Suits Against Two Firms For Allegedly Running Loan Modification Ripoffs; Secures Judgments Against Three Others

From the Office of the Ohio Attorney General:
  • As part of a national mortgage fraud sweep dubbed “Operation Stolen Dreams,” Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray [] announced lawsuits against two Ohio foreclosure rescue businesses for failing to provide services for which consumers paid. JLS & Associates Financial Services LLC (JLS), based in Cleveland, and Freedom Equity Savings LLC (FES), located in the Columbus area, are accused of defrauding homeowners across the state out of thousands of dollars.


In addition to these two new cases, as part of “Operation Stolen Dreams” Cordray secured default judgments in the following three foreclosure rescue scam cases:

For the Ohio AG press release, see Cordray Focuses on Foreclosure Rescue Scams in Ohio.