Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bogus Docs, Depos Wanted Now! WaPo Puts Out Call For Robo-Signer Foreclosure Documents, Depositions

According to The Washington Post's Political Economy blog:
  • A number of employees of mortgage servicers who signed documents indicating that they had reviewed the accuracy of thousands of foreclosure proceedings have testified in sworn depositions that they didn't actually perform at least some of the reviews.

  • If you have a copy of a foreclosure document that appears problematic or a deposition of one of these employees, please post it here. Or you can also send us information on your foreclosure using the form below [see story for intake form].

  • Send us your tips: foreclosure case reviews. We will not share your personal information.

Source: Do you have foreclosure documents or depositions related to 'robo-signers'?