Monday, October 11, 2010

CNN Interviews Central Florida Woman Victimized By Illegal Lock-Out Of Her Home By JPMorgan Chase

CNN's American Morning recently interviewed the Central Florida homeowner who suffered through a horrifying experience with someone breaking into her home, only to learn that the perpetrator was actually someone hired by JPMorgan Chase to change the locks to her home:
  • Nancy Jacobini was home alone in Florida when she heard what she thought was an intruder at the front door. There was no knock. She wasn't expecting anyone, so she grabbed her cell phone and called 911.

  • As it turns out, the man who broke the lock on her front door was actually a contractor hired by her bank. It is a procedure typically used to secure a foreclosed home. However, Jacobini's home wasn't foreclosed. She tells American Morning's Kiran Chetry how terrifying the experience was for her.

For more, see Bank breaks into home - over mortgage payments (A woman says her bank hired someone to break in and change the locks even though her home was not in foreclosure) (go here for the video of the interview).

Thanks to Mike Dillon of for the heads-up on the interview.