Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Former Hairstylists, Wal Mart Floor Workers, Assembly Line Employees Among 'Suspects' Hired As Robosigners, Says Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Democracy Now! reports:
  • On Tuesday, a Florida attorney representing hundreds of homeowners released depositions of bank employees describing the frenzy to approve foreclosures on a mass scale. The lawyer, Peter Ticktin, says he deposed 150 workers who say they signed foreclosure affidavits without looking at them. Some of the workers had no experience and received no training after previously working as hairstylists, Wal Mart floor workers, and assembly line employees.

Source: Lawyer: Lenders Hired Workers With No Experience to Approve Foreclosures.

See also, Robosigners: "What's A Mortgage ... What's An Affidavit ... What's A Complaint???" Some Acknowledge Lying When Signing Foreclosure Documents.