Monday, November 15, 2010

Homeowner's Payment In Full Not Enough For Citi To Call Off Foreclosure Mill As Action To Take Colorado Home Continues

In Fruita, Colorado, The Denver Post reports:
  • Brent and Wendy Diers of Fruita thought their foreclosure nightmare would end in April when they sent a check to pay off their mortgage. But more than six months later, CitiMortgage hasn't followed through on repeated assurances it would release the lien and give them title.

  • And despite a judge's ruling that they are not in default, the lender's law firm, Castle Meinhold & Stawiarski, continues to pursue a foreclosure sale. "We are not in default and they do not have authorization to sell our house," a frustrated Wendy Diers said.

  • Although the Diers case is extreme, it is just one of several stories of borrowers in Colorado and elsewhere who find themselves trapped in a frustrating state of limbo. [...] The couple don't deny missing payments after Brent suffered a work injury and lost his job in 2008. But unlike most people in that predicament, they had a relative willing to lend them enough to pay off the mortgage, more than $212,000 in their case. "We did everything we were supposed to do," Wendy said. "This is such a boondoggle of a mess."

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