Sunday, April 10, 2011

Texas Consumer Sues Bill Collector For Allegedly Making Multiple Calls Each Day Over Fully Paid Off Debt; Represented By 'Volume Filer' Of FDCPA Suits

In Beaumont, Texas, The Southeast Texas Record reports:
  • A bill collector is being sued after repeatedly calling an Orange County man in an attempt to collect on an account which he claims has already been paid off. Russell Fuller filed suit against I.C. Systems Inc. on March 22 in the Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division.
  • According to the lawsuit, defendant began placing collection calls to Fuller in January in an attempt to collect on two medical bills. Fuller states he receives approximately five collection calls each day from the defendant. He told the collectors that his insurance company was handling the accounts and the accounts were already paid.
  • In February, Fuller claims he informed the defendant that original account holder confirmed there was no balance on either account but the defendant continued to place collection calls.
  • The defendant is accused of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ["FDCPA"] by engaging in conduct that is abusive and harassing to Fuller and for calling Fuller repeatedly and continuously with the intent to annoy, abuse, and harass. The plaintiff is asking for an award of statutory damages, costs and attorney's fees.
  • Fuller is represented by Michael S. Agruss of Krohn & Moss Ltd. of Los Angeles, Calif.(1)

Source: Bill collector is sued after calling individual five times each day.

(1) Adam Krohn of Krohn & Moss Ltd. recently received mention in a recent Minneapolis Star Tribune story (see Debtors in court -- suing collectors) as reportedly being the founder of this law firm that "files 15 percent of all FDCPA lawsuits in U.S. courts, according to WebRecon."

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