Sunday, June 09, 2013

Trash-Out Subcontractor For Now-Notorious Foreclosure Property Management Outfit Pinched For Allegedly Pilfering $42K+ From Home

In Wolcott, Connecticut, the Republican American reports:
  • A Maryland man was charged Wednesday with stealing more than $42,000 worth of valuables and a handgun from a Breezy Knoll home while working for a subcontractor of a property management company, according to court documents.

    The property management company, Safeguard Properties, was the focus of a recent report by the Huffington Post(1) in which a former employee claimed he had received a "constant barrage" of complaints about subcontractors breaking into homes to steal heirlooms, artwork and weapons.(2)
For more, see Maryland man tied to theft in Wolcott.

(1) See Safeguard Properties Internal Documents Reveal Rampant Complaints Of Thefts, Break-Ins.

(2) For those homeowners who've been screwed over by wrongful trash-outs, lock-outs, etc. by foreclosing lenders (and their confederates) and seek some possible guidance on how much their cases might be worth if they seek to sue, see:
For examples of filed lawsuits involving illegal bank break-in, "trash-out" lockout cases, see: