Monday, October 12, 2015

Long Island Outfit Masquerading As Government Agency To Cough Up $500K For Role In Leaving Homeowners Seeking Home Improvement Assistance Holding The Bag

In New York City, the New York Post reports:
  • A shady Long Island firm that misled homeowners by portraying itself as a government agency will have to fork over more than $500,000 to its victims and the city, public records revealed [].

    The firm, Housing Rehabilitation Assistance, promised to connect homeowners with competitively priced contractors, city officials said.

    Instead, it referred them to the New York Construction Co., which was operated by three people who controlled HRA.

    According to the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs, HRA misled potential clients with an eagle logo and official-sounding initials — the same used by the city Human Resources Administration.

    It looked like a government agency,” said Joselyn Smith-Greene, who shelled out about $40,000 to NYCC for work on her Queens Cape Cod home that was never finished.