Thursday, December 28, 2006

NJ Couple Sign Away Home To Home "Rescuer"

Anyone wanting a detailed, step by step walk through of the horror that one financially strapped New Jersey couple endured with a foreclosure rescuer should read, Rug pulled out from under them, a media report appearing on

The homeowner claimed, among other things, that she and her husband were rushed through the signing process and were not allowed to thoroughly study the documents they were signing. The rescue operators reportedly read sections of the contracts to them out loud.

For the three months after signing, the homeowner reportedly got calls from the rescue company, not about new financing that was promised, but about unrelated matters. The homeowner stated: "They wanted to know everyone I spoke to. And they didn't want me to talk to a lawyer." This aroused suspicion in her, but reportedly was continuously reassured that they were on her side.

Melissa Huelsman, a Seattle, Washington consumer protection attorney who has represented clients involved in over a dozen foreclosure rescue cases this year, was quoted in the story (referring to homeowners dealing with rescue companies), as saying "People just trust. It is scary and intimidating to them. And they have no idea of what they are signing."

Rather than reciting the rest of the details, I'll let you read the story for yourself. I will say, however, that the story ends by stating that "The ordeal has left the couple heartbroken, potentially homeless, and on the verge of separating".


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