Sunday, May 27, 2007

California Woman Charged With Stealing Her Mother's Home Equity

In California, the Victorville Daily Press reported recently that Renee Ray, 53, of Victorville, was arrested and charged with forgery, filing a false or forged document and financial elder abuse in connection a scheme where she allegedly forged her mother’s signature to remove her name from the deed to their house in order to refinance the home. As soon as the mother, from Compton, caught on, she notified San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office Real Estate Fraud Unit. Reportedly, Ray is said to have refinanced the home three separate times, eventually raising the amount of the loan to $272,000 without ever telling her mother about the deed or the $145,000 she walked away with, according to officials. Bail for Ray was set at $500,000. For more, see Daughter arrested for forging signature.

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