Thursday, May 31, 2007

Landlords' Rent Skim Leaves Tenant Without Home

In Virginia, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reports of a lupus-stricken Leesburg woman who, five months ago, unwittingly moved into and rented a townhome that either was in foreclosure or about to go into foreclosure. That home was just sold last week in a foreclosure sale and now the woman and her son are forced to uproot again. The former landlords, who apparently were content with skimming the equity by pocketing the rent and letting the home be auctioned, reportedly still owe her $4,850 in rent, deposit money and the $500 she said she spent to landscape the property. For more, see Foreclosure costs Leesburg woman her home.

For other stories on tenants unknowingly renting homes in foreclosure, go here, or here, or here. alpha

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