Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Counterfeit Title Insurance Company Checks Being Used In International Sweepstakes Fraud

According to a Stewart Information Services Corp. press release from Houston, Texas:
  • An international sweepstakes fraud is using counterfeit checks bearing the name of Stewart Title of Montgomery County. “Winners” are receiving a letter with a check and told they will win $62,500 if they wire $3,000 to a Canadian account for “international clearance fees.” “This sweepstakes offer is fraudulent,” said Michael B. Skalka, president, Stewart Title Guaranty Co. “Stewart has notified the appropriate authorities including the bank, and none of these checks will be honored if presented for payment. Stewart is cooperating with all criminal investigations regarding this matter.”
For more, see Counterfeit Checks Using Stewart Title’s Name Being Used in International Sweepstakes Fraud.

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