Sunday, February 03, 2008

Suing A Mortgage Servicer? 20 Reasons For Having Them Fork Over The PSA

In The Bankruptcy Litigation and Consumer Rights Blog, consumer bankruptcy litigation attorney Max Gardner writes:
  • Every time I file a civil action against a mortgage servicer the very first document I want is a copy of the “Pooling and Servicing Agreement.” This is the legal document that creates the securitized trust of mortgage loans and also strictly provides for the duties of all entities who are assigned the responsiblity of servicing loans for the Trust.
For 20 of the reasons you need to request through formal discovery in any mortgage-related lawsuit the PSA Agreement and why it is relevant, see Max Gardner’s Top Reasons for Wanting a Pooling Servicing Agreement.

Go here for more posts on homeowners and their attorneys who are using Federal & state consumer protection statutes to try and undo bad mortgage loans. undo mortgage loans TILA alpha questionable mortgage servicing practices tactics yak

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