Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Raise Questions On Judges' Role In Foreclosure Actions In Light Of Rulings Favoring Homeowners

The Wall Street Journal reports:
  • A group of state and federal judges presiding over foreclosures are wiping away borrowers' mortgage debt, invalidating foreclosure sales and even barring some foreclosures outright. The decisions in recent months by a handful of judges in states including Massachusetts, New York and Texas mark a new phase in the judiciary's battle to stem the rising tide of foreclosures by punishing mortgage companies for paperwork mistakes and alleged mistreatment of borrowers.(1)

  • The number of judges taking such action remains small, and most foreclosures go through without a challenge. But the growing number of rulings against lenders' claims is raising questions among some legal experts about judges' impartiality.

For more, see Foreclosure Challenges Raise Questions About Judicial Role.

(1) For two recent examples, see:

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