Friday, April 22, 2011

Massachusetts Attorney Targeted By State AG For Allegedly Ripping Off 1000+ Homeowners In Loan Mod Racket Hit With Protest Outside Law Office

In Lynn, Massachusetts, The Daily Item of Lynn reports:
  • Claiming attorney David Zak did little to keep them away from foreclosure and charged them $4,500 for his services, Emilio Jimenez and his wife Dominica Mendez joined other foreclosure protesters in demonstrating outside Zak's Revere office on Wednesday.
  • The protest is not the only pressure Zak's law firm and loan modification service is facing. A civil complaint filed by the state Attorney General's office in Suffolk Superior Court states Zak "misled over 1,000 homeowners" since February 2009 by promising them legal assistance and mortgage loan modification help.
  • Zak, the complaint states, "sought to capitalize on the foreclosure and economic crisis and to prey upon Latino homeowners who are facing the imminent loss of their homes." [...] The AG's office is seeking to block Zak and Loan Modification Group, Inc. from doing foreclosure-related business.

For more, see Lawyer on defense as AG, foreclosure group take aim.

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