Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ohio AG: Contractor Pocketed Thousand$ In Upfront Payments From Homeowners For Roof Improvements, Then Performed Either No Or Substandard Work

From the Office of the Ohio Attorney General:
  • Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine [] announced a lawsuit against Hamilton-based roofing company Salyers Complete Contracting LLC for multiple violations of Ohio consumer law, including failure to deliver.


  • In complaints filed with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, consumers report paying Salyers Complete Contracting $1,350 to $13,000 to install, repair, or replace their roof. After making the payment, consumers said the business either did no work at all or did a poor job.

  • The lawsuit charges Joshua Salyers and Salyers Complete Contracting LLC with multiple violations of Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act, including failure to deliver, performing shoddy work, making misrepresentations, and falsely stating work was covered by a warranty. In the lawsuit, the Attorney General seeks injunctive relief, consumer restitution, and civil penalties.

For the Ohio AG press release, see Attorney General DeWine Sues Roofing Company for Failure to Deliver.

For the lawsuit, see State of Ohio v. Salyers.