Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pair Convicted Of Clipping Homeowners By Peddling So-Called "Zero Mortgage Program" Debt/Lien Elimination Racket That Involved Recording Phony Affidavits, Bogus Deeds Of Reconveyance & Other Dubious Title Documents Get 38-96 Months In Nevada Slammer

From the Office of the Nevada Attorney General:
  • Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced that Alex Soria, 69, and Sonia Rodis, 55, both of Las Vegas, were each sentenced [earlier this month] on one felony count of a pattern of mortgage lending fraud. The couple misrepresented to homeowners a fraudulent mortgage elimination program that involved the recording of affidavits, deeds of reconveyance and other title documents that failed to eliminate their mortgages. The fraud was committed between May 2010 and October 2011.

    “It is unacceptable for individuals to prey on hurting homeowners,” said Laxalt. “My office will aggressively pursue those who victimize hard-working Nevadans seeking home mortgage assistance.”

    Soria and Rodis operated this mortgage lending fraud scam out of their business, BioGreen Teck, LLC. They targeted members of their Filipino community, among others, collecting approximately $63,000 in payments from their victims.

    Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Jessie Walsh sentenced Soria to 38 to 96 months in Nevada state prison. Soria was immediately taken into custody. Rodis was sentenced to 38 to 96 months in Nevada state prison with her sentence suspended for a period of probation not to exceed 5 years. The couple was ordered to pay restitution totaling over $63,000.

    The case was prosecuted by Chief Deputy Attorney General Jeff Segal and Senior Deputy Attorney General Raya Swift.

    To read the criminal Information for Alex Soria, click here. To read the criminal Indictment for Sonia Rodis, click here.
Source: Attorney General Laxalt Announces Sentencing of Las Vegas Couple in Mortgage Assistance Scam.

For earlier story, see 3 people arrested in alleged home mortgage scam:
  • [Formar Nevada AG Catherine Cortez] Masto said Soria and Rodis would, for a fee, prepare documents called “affidavits of fact and deeds of full reconveyance,” offcials said. They promised homeowners these documents in a so-called Zero Mortgage Program would eliminate their mortgages and continue their ownership, authorities said..

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