Sunday, June 21, 2015

Toddler's Illness Linked To Lead-Based Paint Toxicity Drives Him, Parents Out Of Their Home; Remediation Estimated At $20K Necessary Before Family Can Resume Residency

In Fond du Loc, Wisconsin, the Fond du Loc Reporter reports:
  • One-year-old Charlie Stocks recently became so sick it completely upended his parents Nathan and Cassie's lives, forcing them out of their Fond du Lac home into a hotel. The culprit? Lead poisoning.

    A physician discovered Charlie's blood-lead levels were well beyond the threshold for hospitalization during a routine check-up through Women, Infants and Children (WIC) May 21. Preliminary results showed his levels were 48.8 mcg/dL, almost five times the amount when medical care is recommended, according to the New York State Department of Health.

    The Stocks went to their pediatrician-recommended lab to double check the test results. The new results showed Charlie had 44 mcg/dL in his blood. After more tests the next day, the Stocks were told Charlie immediately needed to be taken to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

    The X-ray at the hospital showed paint chips on the side of his stomach. Charlie had been eating the lead-based paint on the windowsill of the Stocks' house on West Scott Street. The hospital immediately gave Charlie medicine and an IV.

    After he was released, more problems followed. Charlie's parents were told he could not return home until all the lead-based paint was removed from the house and it passed inspection.

    A building inspector has helped the Stocks assess the lead damage in their home. Five upstairs windows, two downstairs windows, the door, and a few other locations need to be replaced, stripped and painted, or painted over with protective paint. However, under state law, the Stocks have to hire a certified lead abatement contractor to make all of the repairs.

    All of this is costly. Nathan said he estimates the cost of the home repair will be around $20,000. There are also hospital bills to pay, food to purchase for the family, and gas to purchase so Nathan can get to and from work.

    Nathan Stocks has set up a page, a crowdfunding website for many causes, to raise money to fix his house so his family can return home. As of Friday, they had raised $500 from 17 donations, plus personal donations from family and friends. To help, visit

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