Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Lawsuit: Homeowner's Precious Artifacts Survived Nazis, Holocaust In 1940's Europe, But Succumb To Bankster, Trash-Out Contractor Henchman In 21st Century New Jersey; Cops Give Standard Response To Victims' Complaint - 'It's A Civil Matter!'

In Morristown, New Jersey, reports:
  • When Nazis seized Henri Adier's home in France during World War II, he managed to grab many of his most precious belongings when he fled, according to his son and daughter.

    But after Adier died in 2012 and his home in Morris Township was declared in default on its mortgage, many of those possessions were either destroyed or removed by agents working on behalf of a major American bank, his son and daughter contend.

    Those allegations are contained in a lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Morristown this week by siblings David Adier and Anne Adier-Vivino against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and eight individuals and companies allegedly working on its behalf.

    Among the items that went missing after the locks were changed on the house and the building was "ransacked," said David Adier, were a silver Passover Seder plate and a silver kiddish cup, both important pieces from Jewish religious rites.

    Also gone were various pieces of gold and silver jewelry along with such irreplaceable items as an antique telephone and the only existing wedding photos of his grandparents, Adier said.

    Adier says he had no photos of the items that made it through the Holocaust, so he was left with only his memories.

    "I feel violated, I feel traumatized," Adier said in an interview. "I feel angry that they have taken away these things — artifacts that my father was able to rescue from the Nazis. I have very little hope of ever getting them back."

    The lawsuit seeks compensatlon for trespassing; conversion of property; negligence and consumer fraud violations.

    Although he and his sister contacted Morris Township police about the problems, they accepted the bank's version that there was a "work order" from Wells Fargo, according to the lawsuit filed by attorney Joshua Denbeaux.

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