Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oops! Media Consumer Troubleshooter Shines Light On $40 Million In Screwed-Up Town Records, Explaining Why Nearly 700 Pittsburgh-Area Homeowners Were Blindsided With Threatening But Incorrect Tax Foreclosure Notices

In Dormont, Pennsylvania, KDKA-TV Channel 2 reports:
  • Hundreds of local homeowners say they were blindsided and told to pay a bill they’d already paid or they would lose their homes. That’s when an entire community decided to “Get Marty.”

    “I was just flabbergasted,” says Lauren Sabo of Dormont.

    Several months ago, Sabo and nearly 700 other Dormont residents received what has been described as a threatening letter from the Jordan Tax Service. The letter states, “30-day notice before legal action taken-lien.” The letter goes on to threaten legal action stating, “Initiation of the lawsuit alone with result in a $450 attorney fee, plus court costs and sheriff’s fees.”

    “This is not the way to treat people,” says Sabo. Her story is amazing. The Jordan Tax Service letter and bill is for garbage fees. Truth is, Sabo’s home in Dormont burned to the ground. There was no home to charge a garbage fee to. “It’s for a home that didn’t exist,” she said.

    Turns out, the Jordan Tax Service took over a now dismantled tax service with more than $40 million dollars in screwed up records. The Jordan Tax Service is only trying to clean up the problem.

    It’s a big mess,” says Dormont Borough Manager Ben Estell. Estell has been working with Jordan to help Dormont residents.

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