Wednesday, November 18, 2015

San Antonio-Area Adverse Possession-Claiming Crackpot Continues Getting Bagged By Local Cops For Alleged Attempts To Snatch People's Real Estate

In San Antonio, Texas, KSAT-TV Channel 12 reports:
  • Accused of exploitation of the elderly, aggravated perjury and theft of over $150,000, Samuel Charles Perkins, 46, remains in the Bexar County Jail under bonds totaling $45,000.

    Perkins already had been arrested last month after several people claimed he had broken into houses they owned and tried to rent them out himself.

    He claimed the properties were his under the law of adverse possession, often known as squatter’s rights.

    At the time, Perkins told reporters as he was led into a San Antonio police patrol car, “Adverse possession, you ain’t owning it. You’re claiming it.”

    But Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said Tuesday, “Not for one second do I believe he legally adversely possessed any one of those properties.” He said the law requires years of open and continuous “squatting on the property” before filing a claim.

    The latest charges come as a result of Perkins filing false information with the Bexar County Clerk regarding two vacant lots in the 600 block of South W.W. White Road, including one appraised at more than $176,000.

    An arrest warrant affidavit states Perkins tried to illegally obtain the property from the actual owner, who is 84 years old.

    Police allege Perkins cut the locks to the vacant land, “moved his BBQ and used cars onto the property, setting up a mini-flea market.”

    Perkins last year was accused of stealing a dementia patient’s house and life savings. Perkins said as the man’s caretaker, “He willingly gave me everything.”(1)

    The District Attorney said his office is reviewing the allegations against Perkins.

    LaHood said, “It’s the same defendant, the same citizen accused and you have multiple cases pending, so they’re going to be dealt with as a whole.”

    He said his advice to help keep squatters off your property is to "check on the records, check on the property and talk to the neighbors.”

    LaHood said owners who are out of town should consider hiring someone trustworthy to monitor their property.
Source: Accused squatter now charged with exploiting elderly, perjury, theft (Samuel Charles Perkins, 46, in Bexar County Jail).
(1) See Samuel Perkins charged with stealing home, $92,000 from elderly man (SAPD: Perkins, 45, allegedly posed as victim's nephew):
  • The affidavit stated that Perkins obtained power of attorney over him, withdrew more than $92,000 from his bank accounts and changed the deed on the man's East side home into his name.

    Investigators said the 84-year-old victim suffers from severe dementia. Investigators said they located some of his real relatives who told them Perkins had been keeping the victim isolated from them.

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