Wednesday, November 25, 2015

South Florida Man Gets 30 Months, Agrees To Forfeit 10-Acre Residential Property After Getting Bagged For Duping Bank Into Taking $1.2 Million 'Haircut' In Deal Purporting To Be Arms-Length Short Sale

From the Office of the U.S. Attorney (Miami, Florida):
  • A defendant was sentenced to 30 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release for arranging a fraudulent short sale of a 10-acre residential property in Southwest Ranches, Florida. A restitution hearing is scheduled for January 22, 2015.
    Jaime Olaya Marroquin, a/k/a Jaime Olaya, 53, previously pled guilty to one count of bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1344. As part of his plea agreement, Olaya agreed to forfeit the 10-acre property involved in this transaction.

    According to court documents, in 2005, Olaya purchased a 10-acre residential property in Southwest Ranches, Florida. In 2008, he quitclaimed ½ of the property to AJZ Investments (AJZ), a company he controlled. To avoid having to continue making payments on the $1.6 million mortgage debt, Olaya submitted a request to the bank for a short sale on the property while intentionally excluding the portion of the property he quitclaimed to AJZ.

    Olaya arranged for his family member to make a written offer to purchase the property for $430,000, but he did not inform the bank that the buyer was a family member. The defendant represented to the bank that the buyer would be putting her own money into a cash purchase of the property, but in reality the buyer did not put any money into the purchase. Olaya wired the money to the U.S. from a bank in Colombia after telling the bank that he did not have sufficient assets to pay the original mortgage debt.

    The bank approved the short sale of the property for $430,000, and canceled Olaya’s remaining $1.2 million debt and released the mortgages encumbering the entire 10 acres. As a result of the fraud, Olaya was successful in preventing the bank from obtaining the benefit of the approximately $421,000 value of the property that was quitclaimed to AJZ.

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