Friday, February 26, 2016

Lawsuit: Landlord's Failure To Warn Of Lead Paint Hazard & Failure To Remediate Known Dangers Led To Developmental Problems, Learning Disabilities For Tenant's Child

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, The Daily Item reports:
  • A Sunbury mother has sued her former landlord claiming her young son suffered lead poisoning she attributes to conditions in her apartment.

    Chastity Maultrie [] filed suit in U.S. Middle District Court on behalf of her son Cassidy D. Bragg against John D. Jones and his business, J&M Property Management of Mifflinburg, seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

    Maultrie says she leased Apartment B at 358 Market St. from Jones in January 2014 unaware it was heavily contaminated with lead dust and lead-based chipped paint.

    Tests of Cassidy’s blood that July showed an elevated level of lead, the suit states. On the advice of a city codes officer she said she vacated the apartment.

    According to the court complaint, an Aug. 4, 2014, inspection of the apartment showed high amounts of chipped lead paint and lead dust that did not meet Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines.

    Her son has experienced developmental problems, speech impairment, learning disabilities and acting out behavior that could continue into the future and affect his earning abilities, the suit states.

    Maultrie claims Jones failed to provide her with a lead hazard information pamphlet as the law requires and was aware of the chipping lead-based paint but did nothing about it.
Source: Mom claims residence caused lead poisoning. epa environmental protection agency

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