Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Fugitive-Hunting Feds Bag Sleazy Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent In Central Florida; Suspect Wanted For Allegedly Peddling Foreclosed Homes He Had No Authority To Sell To Over 20+ Victims & Walking Off w/ Their Cash

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, The Citizen's Voice reports:
  • A Hazleton real estate agent wanted after failing to appear at a Florida extradition hearing on Jan. 19 was captured in Orlando, Florida, [...].

    Martin J. Pane, of the Scranton U.S. Marshals Office, announced in a news release, that Ignacio Beato, 45, was arrested at approximately 7 a.m. by U.S. Marshals at an apartment complex in Seminole County in Florida. A fugitive task force in Scranton contacted the Orlando office after members developed information of Beato’s whereabouts.

    This comes two years after claims started surfacing that Beato defrauded potential home buyers. He was taking cash from prospective real estate purchasers who were left only to find eviction notices once they moved in.
    More than 20 people claim that they were scammed from Beato. They are represented by Hazleton attorney Edward Olexa, who could not be reached for comment [].
For the story, see Hazleton real estate agent wanted on fraud charges again captured in Florida.

For an earlier media report, see Embattled real estate agent named ‘person of interest’:
  • State police are investigating claims against Beato dating back to February 2014, according to their most recent report. [...] The homes that Beato sold during this time period were strictly cash transactions. The homes in question were either in foreclosure or owned by HUD and therefore subject to irregular monitoring.

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