Sunday, March 27, 2016

Joint Probe By Feds, Guam AG Bags Housing Authority Employee, Two Others In Alleged Palm-Greasing Racket To Improperly Peddle Eligibility For Section 8 Housing Subsidies

From somewhere way out in the Pacific Ocean, more specifically, in Hagåtña, Guam, KUAM News reports:
  • While she had resigned from her position following a joint investigation by federal and local authorities, a former housing specialist at the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority has now been indicted for her alleged involvement in receiving bribes. A Superior Court of Guam grand jury has issued an indictment to 54-year-old Antonia Mayo-San Nicolas (aka, Toni Mayo).

    The former GHURA housing specialist recently resigned from her position amid allegations of fraud.

    A joint investigation was launched earlier this year by HUD's Inspector General's Office, the FBI and the Attorney General of Guam after a tip was received that Mayo was allegedly soliciting a bribe from a Section 8 client. Mayo had been working at GHURA for more than ten years.

    Mayo, along with Mattos Johnson and Albert Salas Buendicho, are listed as defendants on the indictment. Mayo is being charged for receiving a bride from three individuals for certification for Section 8 eligibility. She's also being charged for theft by deception by receiving payments from two of those individuals by promising to have someone at the Department of Revenue & Taxation fix their taxes so they could be eligible for Section 8 assistance.

    Johnson is listed as one of the Section 8 recipients involved in the scheme and is being charged for giving bribes to Mayo. He's also being charged with obstructing government function for telling federal agents untruthful statements when contacted by Mayo after she was told not to contact any Section 8 recipients who paid her a bribe. Buendicho is named as taking part in the bribery scheme. He was charged earlier this week with guilt established by complicity to receiving a bribe and conspiracy.

    In response to the investigation and the allegations of fraud, GHURA executive director Michael Duenas says ethics workshops for every division within GHURA along with its board and senior manager were underway. Last month, Section 8 staff were also being trained on prevention and detection of fraud, abuse and waste.

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