Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feds Resume Controversial Asset Forfeiture Program That Allows Cops To Seize People's Property Without Arrest Or Criminal Conviction & Forces Victims Into Expensive, Difficult Process To Get Their Stuff Back

From a recent post from Public Citizen Litigation Group's Consumer Law & Policy Blog:
  • Asset forfeiture is the controversial practice of taking people's stuff when they may be involved in criminal activity. Why is the program controversial? Because sometimes the government seizes the assets of people who are innocent and it's very difficult to get it back. Compounding the problem is a racial disparity in whose stuff gets taken. (See here for a prior discussion.)

    Now the federal government has resumed its program of "sharing" asset forfeiture funds with local law enforcement, the Washington Post reports. Under the program, local law enforcement may take advantage of looser federal rules for forfeiture, so it's easier to seize assets, then the feds will "share" up to 80% of the proceeds with the local government. By returning the money to the local governments, DOJ is incentivizing local law enforcement to engage in more seizures.

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