Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Notary Pinched For Allegedly Using Forged Conveyance To Hijack Title To Her Dead Ex-Hubby's Real Estate To Give To Her Son; Dubious Deed Indicated It Was Signed By Deceased In 2015 When His Date Of Death Actually Occurred Four Years Earlier

In Pryor Creek, Oklahoma, the Pryor Daily Times reports:
  • A Strang woman is being charged with forgery after she allegedly forged her deceased ex-husband’s signature on a land deed.

    Ruby Shipman is facing a felony count of second degree forgery after she allegedly, notarized a quit claim deed stating her ex-husband signed the deed on May 9, 2015 when he died May 21, 2011, conveying the land to her son.

    Information filed in the case said Shipman, “did willfully, voluntarily and with intent to defraud within Mayes County...sign and affix her notary seal upon a legal document.”

    Records show Shipman “did not have her notary public at the time, and only in 2015 did she notarize the deed prior to filing it with the Mayes County Clerk.”

    Though the incident reportedly took place last year, charges were filed in Mayes County District Court last week.

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